The Platform at the Station Live

Recorded 27.04.2017

Sound engineer Rob Peters


The Death of Queen Jane

Recorded 31.06.2017

The Henry of this song is the infamous King Henry VIII, the death that of his third wife Jane Seymour, and the birth that of his only son King Edward VI. While the song is not entirely accurate (Jane Seymour didn’t die during childbirth, but several days later of related complications), I think it manages to convey the mixed emotions of the event very well; birth and death occurring simultaneously, as the castle both celebrates and mourns. Jane Seymour was reportedly Henry’s favourite wife and he asked to be buried beside her, despite having had three further wives after her death. Inspired by the beautiful film Inside Llewyn Davis, I compiled my own set of verses from the many different versions available. I think this more complete version allows for better context in the story and more pathos at Henry’s great sadness. I recorded this in Noltland Castle, Westray. The part of the castle you can see in the video was built in around 1560, only twenty-three years after this song is set.